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About Mr. Urtz

Thank you for  visiting the web site of Gary P. Urtz.  Mr. Urtz is a 1977 graduate of the School of Law of Villanova University.  He engages in the general practice of law in Southeastern Pennsylvania, including the following counties: Delaware, Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery and Bucks.

In the past 29 years, Mr. Urtz has helped several thousand persons in need of legal representation.  His practice includes the following types of cases:

Personal Injury - Auto accidents, slip and fall, malpractice
Criminal - DUI, minor and major offenses
Wills & Estates
Business - Incorporations, partnerships and other entities
Real Estate - Private sales/purchases & closings
Bankruptcy - Personal and Business

Let Mr. Urtz be your steady guide when your legal needs are great or when you need just a little help to close the deal or to get the job done.